Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Rug For My Mug

 One of my secret obsessions that my husband puts up with is my love of mugs.  I have mugs for every holiday and occasion.  The "W" is the newest addition to the Mug Family.  (You can go ahead and picture Matt rolling his eyes). 
So, to honor my mug, I made it a rug.
I have to say I am a little annoyed with my choice of fabric.  The grey and white fabric has so many squiggles that it makes my sewing look crooked (more crooked than it really is I should say).  Oh well. 
Here is mug rug 2.0  No squiggles.


  1. I love to see your projects! Haven't thought of a rug for a mug. I could make a rug for my Diet Coke but that doesn't sound right. I could make a bloke for my coke, but that doesn't make sense. Any ideas? (You do great work!)

  2. This is too cute! And quite possibly the only quilting project I could ever finish! I love to see your projects too.

    Mom, you could call yours a Moda for your Soda. You would have to use Moda fabric of course!

  3. "Moda for my Soda" is perfect! I'll have to get right to work:)

  4. I think a Moda for your Soda is a perfect idea! We could make a million off that idea!

  5. Would Matt rather you collect porcelain dolls? Those things are creepy. Love the "W" mug and the rug. You are so crafty!