Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Deal of the Day

The other day Matt and I had a lovely Saturday outing to the Mall.  While he was looking at a new phone I strolled into Pottery Barn and came across a deal I could not pass up.  A $130.00 Duvet for only $30!!!  The only catch... it was a California King.  As you can see we have a queen size bed.  I purchased it anyway and showed Matt my steal.  He was clearly puzzled as to why I would buy a duvet that would not fit so I explained that I planned to do a little chop chop and stitch.  Although he was a little apprehensive the project turned out better than I could have planned.  With the left over fabric I was able to make two shams and... 

....a toss pillow for my reading chair!  Zero fabric left over, not one inch!  I might have to make this a yearly tradition.  Thanks Pottery Barn for the most awesome deal of the day ever!


  1. AWESOME! You're my hero. I've only attempted making one thing without a pattern or instructions before. It turned out pretty well, but I wouldn't bet on it happening like that very often. :) What I need to do is take apart my reversible queen comforter and make it thinner and put it back together. Yeah . . . it probably won't really happen. haha

  2. It looks beautiful! What a deal!!