Sunday, January 29, 2012

Me and my beautiful babies

 Miss Hazel is growing up way to fast! 
 Nothing is more sacred and beautiful than the ability to give birth to your best friend.
 One of many reason I love you Matt.  Yummm.
 The Baconator
 I finally took Oliver up on his offer for a nap.
 Hazel and Britton are best buds.  I can't imagine why.
 A little duet

 A Tri-et?
The Lego master hard at work
 Our little tornado hard at work


  1. I'm so luvin these pictures! Such cute kids, I love um!!

  2. I see some real talent with the hand placement on the piano. . . .
    And what's not to like about bacon . . yummm, and Hazel seems to like it too. LOL.
    It was nice of Oliver to put you down for a nap.
    Last but not least, I know what you mean about giving birth to your best friend. HUGS