Friday, April 26, 2013

 After the worlds longest winter we are enjoying our first day in the back yard this year.  The kids had a great time prepping the garden by looking for worms for the compost pile.

 Oliver and his assistant Grandma Nana
 I love this picture.  It really captures the sheer joy of being outdoors.
 She is totally rocking the 80's hair and her brothers jacket (which happens to be vintage circa 1980)

 Thank goodness spring is FINALLY on its way, I desperately need some sunshine on my pale skin.
 Wheatley Worm Hunters

 Oliver and Hazel wanted to have a slumber party.  Since Hazel is too little to sleep in a twin size bed we had to have it in her room.  I didn't think they would actually sleep!  They loved it and now want to sleep together in Hazels crib every night.  They are so sweet with each other.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More from the Ladie Lounge

 Here is my very first professionally quilted quilt!  Woohoo!  The ladies at Patched Works did such a wonderful job!    I need to get going on the binding so I can snuggle my babies under it!

 The fabric I used for the backing is a solid color so the stitching really stands out.
 While I was at the store picking up my quilt, I let the kids pick out fabric so I could make them little toy bags.  I told them they could pick out whatever they wanted.  Hazel chose Yo Gabba Gabba and Oliver picked out a lovely Twilight purple and matching Pinkie Pie Pink.  Of course no bag of his would be complete without a Cutie Mark and super awesome machine quilting.  I have mad skills.