Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Best of Friends

 There are few things that make a Mommy happier than seeing her kids play together.  Oliver is so sweet with Hazel, especially when no one is looking.  Hazel was having a hard time getting "Neigh" to work so he hopped on back and took her for a ride.  What a sweet heart!

Friday, May 25, 2012

When you leave the room for just a second...

A raisin explosion
 of epic proportions.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Zoo day

 Today we went to the zoo with my new neighbor Stacy and her little boy (who just happens to be named Oliver.  How cute it that).
Hazel is such a climber!  I swear that child has no fear of heights at all.
 Such a handsome little man!

 Hazel was all smiles on the slide.  She was a hoot to watch.
 Then the melt downs started...
I just love my little Scandinavian babies.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stuff Oliver says...

 I'm sitting in the bathtub this morning trying to soak away the stiffness in my joints and Oliver walks in.
Oliver: What you got there?
Me: (I look around confused) Hu?
Oliver:  You got boobs on you?
Me:  (wishing we had a lock on the bathroom just about now)  Ya...
Oliver:  Yuck!!
Me:  (I didn't think they looked that bad).

Later in the day I'm in the back yard with the kids.  They are playing peacefully so I decide to run in the house to get something to drink.  I come out and Oliver had Hazel on a leash and is walking her like a dog (Hazel is just happily crawling along but I am irate).
Me:  Oliver!  Why on earth do you have your sister on a leash!! 
Oliver:  I have to Mommy, she's a DINOSAUR!

Now here are some pictures to make the grandmas smile.
 Not sure if this water is safe to drink but coming from the child who eats bugs and dirt...
I'm sooo glad Oliver isn't afraid of the water this year.

Hey there blue eyes.
Oliver's latest creation.  I Love it.

 It's starting to fill in. 
 My Peas are on their way!
 I haven't got a clue what I planted in this pot.  Seriously loosing my mind!

Monday, May 21, 2012

7 Years in a snap shot. Happy Anniversary my love!

After 7 years we are old and tired but very much in love.  I look forward to whatever the next 7 bring us.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun with Aunt Kristine and Cousin Sienna

 My Sister Kristine and her daughter Sienna came to visit this week.  It was the first time she has been my house so it was fun to take her to some great restaurants and go for a drive by the lake.
 The older we get the more we have in common and the closer we become as friends. 
 Oliver and Sienna had a great time sharing their mutual love for trains.  They were so cute together.  They are only 8 months apart so when we went out in public people would ask if they were twins.
 Who knew composting would be soooo much fun!
Thanks for the fun week Kristine!