Friday, May 4, 2012

A Little Dirt Never Hurt

This week we have had beautiful weather.  The Kiddos and Nana have been helping me in the garden and the flower beds.  I wish we had weather like this year round, I just love it!
This girl cracks me up.  She loves to play in the dirt, examine bugs, and collect rocks.
Notice Hazel is covered in dirt from head to toe, Oliver on the other had has managed to stay squeaky clean.
Oliver loves the 'Britton sculpture'
He already has the 'auto mechanic crack' down.
Britton wasn't sure if Oliver should be trusted to mow the lawn.
I love my new little gnome
It makes me so happy to see Oliver and Hazel start to play together.  They are becoming great little friends.
One happy girl
Hazel gives the best hugs
Hazel and Nana
This is what happens when you try to force a family photo on your children.  Classic.

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  1. It looks like the kids are really enjoying the nice weather! So much fun, I love the pictures:)