Saturday, October 29, 2011

My twins... born 2 years and 12 days apart

So I was looking at pictured of Oliver when he was a sock monkey two years ago and I came across this picture of him and Jenna.  I had to do a double take because I could swear that it's Hazel in this picture.  I'm their mother and I can't tell them apart in pictures!  Creepy!

Happy Halloween!

 This year I bought Oliver a train conductor costume to go along with his current obsession, all things trains.  He has been on a Dinosaur Train kick lately so he runs around the house screaming 'All Aboard!' in his best Mr. Conductor voice.  Hazel was a sock monkey (recycled Oliver's costume from 2009).  Apparently Train conductors eat sock monkeys for breakfast.

Oliver and his best friend Drake the Tiger
 I had to through this one in from 2009.  How sweet are they!  They have grown up way too fast.

 All Aboard!
 We met the Andersons at the Zoo for trick or treating.  It was nice to be outside with such perfect weather! 

 Getting a couples massage with Drake

 Our Lion had babies!  So cute!
I didn't know Tigers liked pumpkins

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Miss Hazel is 8 months

 Hazel had her 8 month check up yesterday ( actually her 6 month check up two months late) so here are the stats.
Weight 17lbs 11oz    42nd percentile
Height 27 inches      56th percentile
Head cir. 43cm       46th percentile
That makes her a very well rounded baby!  Like I've mentioned before she is crawling all over the place, has two teeth and says dada plus many other screaching/ coughing noises.  She really is a complete joy to be around and I feel so blessed to have her in our family!
Look at that hair!  Piggy tails are just around the corner!

Monday, October 17, 2011

We have had a break through!

 I was just commenting to a friend at church that Hazel is a toothless wonder, not a tooth to be found.  Later that night I'm poking around Hazel's mouth and I discover two sharp little baby teeth making their way through.  That explains the sleepless nights and crankiness.  She has also progressed from army crawl to full blown get-into-everything crawl.  Hoorah for mommy.
 This weekend we had fun ripping out the vegetable garden (much more fun than planting for Oliver because he got to play in the dirt).

 Seriously, could she get any more beautiful?

 Such a lover!
 Matt and his new nerd glasses.  Love them!
 This is what happens when Matt is allowed to dress the kids.
Oliver's new favorite hobby, Planking.  Strange child.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Something all mothers think but don't say...

I saw this on my friends Facebook account and couldn't stop laughing!  I'm glad I have two very good eaters so I don't have to curse at them!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The latest and greatest

Here is what we have been up to over the last few weeks.
 Who knew I freezer box could be so much fun!

 My two favorite boys in the whole world!

 At the park with the Merkleys
 Baby Nora

 Me and Kaitlin with Hazel and Nora
 Not sure what Oliver was thinking, pretty funny though
 I know those are Christmas pj's but they fit her now and may not fit her in two months time.
Oliver was reading to Hazel, how sweet is that!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New little friends

 This week I have been watching little Isaiah and Benji, two kids from the ward.  They are full of energy but it has been fun for Oliver to have someone to play with during the day.  Isaiah is especially sweet with Hazel.
 Hazel has recently started sitting unassisted (thanks Grandma Nana)

 I gave the camera to Isaiah and these are the picture he took.  It's amazing seeing the world from a child's point of view.  He is a natural photographer :)

Not the best picture of me ever taken.