Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 This year I bought Oliver a train conductor costume to go along with his current obsession, all things trains.  He has been on a Dinosaur Train kick lately so he runs around the house screaming 'All Aboard!' in his best Mr. Conductor voice.  Hazel was a sock monkey (recycled Oliver's costume from 2009).  Apparently Train conductors eat sock monkeys for breakfast.

Oliver and his best friend Drake the Tiger
 I had to through this one in from 2009.  How sweet are they!  They have grown up way too fast.

 All Aboard!
 We met the Andersons at the Zoo for trick or treating.  It was nice to be outside with such perfect weather! 

 Getting a couples massage with Drake

 Our Lion had babies!  So cute!
I didn't know Tigers liked pumpkins

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  1. I love Olivers costume, it is perfect for him! What a fun day!!