Monday, October 17, 2011

We have had a break through!

 I was just commenting to a friend at church that Hazel is a toothless wonder, not a tooth to be found.  Later that night I'm poking around Hazel's mouth and I discover two sharp little baby teeth making their way through.  That explains the sleepless nights and crankiness.  She has also progressed from army crawl to full blown get-into-everything crawl.  Hoorah for mommy.
 This weekend we had fun ripping out the vegetable garden (much more fun than planting for Oliver because he got to play in the dirt).

 Seriously, could she get any more beautiful?

 Such a lover!
 Matt and his new nerd glasses.  Love them!
 This is what happens when Matt is allowed to dress the kids.
Oliver's new favorite hobby, Planking.  Strange child.


  1. Love: Hazels blue eyes (and that face!), Matt's glasses, and Oliver planking! Thanks for the new pictures. I can't wait to see Hazel crawl!

  2. Love the new glasses Matt.
    Oliver, Love the hat and shovel. (Got'a watch that planking, it could get out of hand.)
    Hazel, you give the best hugs ever!
    Rosanna, cute as always!
    Miss ya'll. From the South (of Idaho),