Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More from the Ladie Lounge

 Here is my very first professionally quilted quilt!  Woohoo!  The ladies at Patched Works did such a wonderful job!    I need to get going on the binding so I can snuggle my babies under it!

 The fabric I used for the backing is a solid color so the stitching really stands out.
 While I was at the store picking up my quilt, I let the kids pick out fabric so I could make them little toy bags.  I told them they could pick out whatever they wanted.  Hazel chose Yo Gabba Gabba and Oliver picked out a lovely Twilight purple and matching Pinkie Pie Pink.  Of course no bag of his would be complete without a Cutie Mark and super awesome machine quilting.  I have mad skills.

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  1. I couldn't wait to see your quilt, it turned out beautiful! The quilting really brings personality to it. Love it! The bags are super cute too, such fun fabrics.