Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Funny Stuff My Kids Say...

 Just something to think about.

So on to my story.  The other day I was subbing at church for a friend (nursery time).  After all the chaos had dissipated and there were only a few parents left in the room, Oliver (who I was holding in my arms) turns to me with a very serious look on his face and starts patting and poking me on the chest.  We then had a very strange conversation that went like this:
Oliver:  "Humm... they look a little like mountians"
Me:  "Ummm... thanks, I think"
Snickering parent #1:  "At least he didn't say mosquito bites hahaha"
Snickering Parent #2:  "Or pancakes hahaha"
Thanks Oliver for mortifying me in front of my fellow church attendees.  Really appreciate it.

Some other little ditties that crack me up:

 -Oliver says to Hazel after a bath one night "Hazel, you awesome naked!"

-At least 10 times a day Oliver will ask me "Hows you nap mommy?"  I think this is his way of hinting  "Hey mom you look like crap, perhaps you should go back to bed?" 

-When ever someone passes gas Oliver says "You make a poopie in your pants?"

-Me:  "Who does Mommy love?"
Oliver:  "Oliver... and prettys... and sewing".


  1. I love it! Thanks for bring a laugh to my morning!!

    1. I love how kids choose to say those kinds of things at church! When Miles was 2 he was sitting on my lap during the sacrament and started poking me and very loudly said, "WHAT are those???" Silly kids!

  2. Oh, Rosanna, there are tears in my eyes! I love the poopie one most especially.