Monday, February 3, 2014

A Little Bit Random

 It feels like forever since I have posted!  I've been a little bit busy growing baby number 3 which has taken all the energy I have.  Luckly I have have been blessed with so many kind and loving people in my life that have come to the rescue. 
 As for my kiddos, Hazel has developed into quite the little personality.  Spunky, sweet and smart.  She keeps me on my toes constantly.  I think what I admire about her most is that she isn't afraid of anything.  She is ambitious, determined and a hoot to be around.

 I'm afraid I don't care for Hazel's artwork quite as much as her brothers.  This was a rough day!
 Oliver and Hazel are becoming great little buddies.  The two year age gap is narrowing and becoming less significant the older Hazel gets.  I love it when they play together and I can hear them scheming and plotting together.   Oliver is doing really well in school!  He is learning to read and he has such a passion for it.  I'm so grateful for wonderful teachers and amazed by Oliver's natural proclivity for learning and art (he keeps his artwork on paper, not the walls).
 Hazel is a great little mommy.  Always trying to help me out.
 Dress up is always a favorite.  It makes the mundane extraordinary.
I am so grateful for these two little monkeys and look forward to our new addition Ruby.  I'm 35 weeks as of yesterday so who knows, a day, a week, two weeks, we will have a new baby in our arms.  I can't wait!


  1. Waiting for this new little one has been a challenge but so worth it when she finally gets here!

  2. Cute kiddies! I see so much of you in Hazel. Good luck the last few weeks, they are the worst!