Friday, October 11, 2013

Wheatley Family Reunion 2013

 The kids were actually really good for the flight.  It helps that we had and ipad and Kindle Fire to keep them entertained with.  Oliver loved looking out the window at the clouds and the land down below.
 Matt was sweet and sat with the kids most of the time so I could sit still and try not to throw up.  I was not successful but at least I could try to relax in between the waves of nausea.  The bags they provide you with on the plane are just not big enough!  I brought my own gallon size baggies for the return flight.  The whole things was so embarrassing (although I will admit people were very kind about it) I think I will never fly again. 

 We did a LOT of driving during our short vacation.  Not my favorite thing to do but it was worth it. 

 The ride was beautiful.  I miss all this open land and sky.

 Enjoying some Diet Coke with our breakfast, Wheatley style ;)
 Fun with the cousins
 We enjoyed some beautiful weather while we were in Idaho

 Making art for the carnival

 The kids (and adults) had so much fun with this. 

 Reading time

 Ice cream with the cousins

 Petting zoo fun

 Time for the cousins carnival courtesy of Grandma Tina!

 I was Anna's little buddy for the day.  She kept snuggling on my lap and patting my tummy to say hi to the baby.  Such a sweet heart!
 Grandkids 1-9
 Let the games begin!

 This skill will come in handy during his college years ;)

 A little parachute fun

 Some fireworks (notice my kids are the only one's with their ears covered)

 Idaho Falls zoo
 As soon as the merry go round started moving, I realized I had made a very big mistake.  Morning sickness and carnival rides should never be combined... ever.
 Grandma Great

 4 generations

 Lego time!  Matt even let Oliver play
Hazel's first trampoline experience.  Not a fan.

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  1. Its so fun to look at these pictures and remember how much fun we had! Time to start planning new activities for next year!!