Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ruby Annabelle Wheatley

 Our sweet baby Ruby came into the world February 6th at 5:35am weighing in at 5lbs 15oz, 18" in length.  Even though she was five weeks early she has proven that she is a fighter.  After a week in the hospital we are now home and I am enjoying having all my sweet kiddos under the same roof.  I feel so blessed to have three healthy kids and to have this pregnancy over with!  It was definitely the trial of my life.  Between throwing up every day and having several scares where we though we were loosing Ruby, I am over the moon happy to have her in my arms where I know she is safe.  Through out the whole process, I have been blessed with so many wonderful people in my life that have come to the rescue, who have dropped everything to come to the aid of my family. 
The birth story:
The evening of the 5th, I called Matt (who just so happened to be in the car on the way back from the airport picking up his mother) and told him he had better hurry because we needed to go to the hospital.  Talk about tight timing!  So Grandma Tina walked in the door and we walked out.  Upon arrival I was dilated to a two and was 75% effaced.  My contractions were anywhere between 2-5 min apart.  A few hours later I was checked again and was at a 5 and 100% effaced.  At this point Dr. Heal came in and broke my water.  I got my epidural which was a complete disaster.  The Dr. kept putting the needle in a vein instead of the correct placement.  After 5 pokes and a lot of digging around he just left it where it was.  Long story short it didn't work.  The only thing that got numb was my left butt cheek.  It was ridiculous.  I ended up having a natural birth after all.  Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.  Granted it helped a great deal that this was my third labor and delivery and Ruby was tiny.  I only had to push three times and she was in my arms.  My recovery has been quick.  I think because I could feel everything I was more careful with the pushing so I didn't cause myself any damage. 

 I'm lucky that there has been no significant regression or sibling jealousy.  Oliver and Hazel are so sweet with Ruby.  Especially Oliver.  He sings to her and is always telling her how cute and tiny she is. 

 Oliver and Ruby share a birthday!  They are 5 years apart to the day!  It's funny that all three of them are born in February.  Even my dog Britton was born in February.  Oliver didn't mind sharing his birthday.  In fact, his birthday wish before he blew out his candle was that we could bring home baby Ruby soon.  It made me cry.  He has such a big heart.

  Family of five!

 It took Ruby's liver a while to figure out how to work.  After a few days on the bili blanket she was ready to go.

 Dr. Love
 Her beautiful blue eyes help distract from the furry arms and back.  Such a little monkey!

 We're going home!
 Hazel was so excited to bring her baby home. 
 The famous daddy colic hold.

 A little love for Grandma Tina

 Although Ruby isn't quite ready to venture out to church, I just had to get a picture of them all dressed up.  I can't wait to have Hazel and Ruby in little matching dresses! 
My family feels complete.  My heart is full and I am blessed beyond words.


  1. It is hard to imagine how tiny Ruby is until you see her in Olive's arms or in her car seat. Then it is apparent just how little she really is. Sooooo many cute pics. Love you all.

  2. So cute and little i just want to snuggle her! I didnt realize this til just now but emily was pretty much the exact same size as ruby weight and height! Which makes it so fun looking at pictures of ruby and reminising . Thanks for sharing and good job on the natural birth!

  3. I am so glad that everone is home and doing well! She is so beautiful and tiny. I remember how tiny those clothes were... so to see her in them and they are baggy! Congratulations, you sure make beautiful babies! I can't wait to meet her!