Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wisconsin Summer Fun!

 Earlier this week we had a great time outside playing in the splash pool and sprinkler.  The kids love being in their swimming suits and getting wet.  Splashing Britton made for some extra giggles. 
 Poor Matt has to pull this load!  Cute but heavy!

 The highlight of our "staycation" was going to the Lake Michigan shoreline.  Oliver has been bugging us to take him to the Ocean for months (I guess what he doesn't know wont hurt him). 
 Gosh I love my little family!
 This was Hazels first beach experience.  When we got to the shoreline her eyes go real big and she said "Woah!  So much sand!"
 Oliver was daring and splashed in the cold water with Daddy.

 1.  Splash Daddy
 2.  Get chased by Daddy
 3.  Get caught by Daddy
 4.  Get dunked by Daddy!
 I know everyone thinks their kids are cute but... come one, her blond curls are just too adorable!
 Looking for shells and rocks.

This is our last summer in Wisconsin!  July 1st will begin our 12 month count down!  Woohoo!  So excited to see where our next adventure takes us!

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  1. Looks like you finally have nice weather to play outside and enjoy the sunshine! By the way, it looks like an ocean to me too!!