Friday, June 14, 2013

Sunshine, Bicycles & Bogs

 I hope we end up moving to Oregon in a year from now if for no other reason than Hazel looks adorable in Bogs.  Serious cuteness. 
 I love seeing the kids out on their bikes.  I wish we had a little more room for then to play though. 

 Oliver's newest obsession is The Avengers.  Thor is his favorite.  He had worn the same shirt for three days in a row.  I finally had to peel it off him and throw it in the wash while he slept.


  1. So glad to see the weather is finally warm enough to ride their bikes outside! I think I will have to catch up on The Avengers - not quite sure what they are all about! Hazel is adorable!! (They both are!)

  2. Cute! Drake would be so excited Oliver likes the Avengers now. But watch out, it seriously becomes a obsession! Miss you like crazy!