Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two weeks of the sniffles Wheatley style

 The last two weeks have been rough here at the Wheatley house.  The kiddos have been plagued with sniffles, boogies and coughs.  Since we haven't got out much Matt and I have had to devise creative ways to keep everyone happy.
 Have you ever had a day like this lol?
This is the box that the kids Christmas present came in, but I'm pretty sure the box was more fun anyway.
 I can't for the life of me figure out how germs get spread so easily from child to child. 
 We played homeless baby.  Hazel thought it was awesome!
I forgot to wrap her buba in a brown paper bag. Darn it!
 Notice the super ugly blanket the kids are snuggling under?  A few weeks ago I was looking at fabric on line and Hazel saw this peach flannel sheep fabric and went bonkers.  "Baaaaa!  Baaaaa!"  She kept poking the screen until I caved and ordered 1 1/2 yards of the great peach disaster.  The kids love it. 
 While Hazel was sick she ate nothing but Oranges.  Seriously, she ate 3 in one sitting!
This is what Matt like to call the iparent.
 Scary but cute.
 Hazel got an early Christmas present.  We call them her dancing boots.  She loves to wear them and every time she puts them on she does a little dance and I sing "My name is Hazel, I like to dance!" (from Yo Gaba Gaba)
 What a good daddy
This is the apron I made for Miss Hazel to go with her kitchen we got her for Christmas.  She wont wear it but hopefully she will want to when she gets a little older.  I think it's pretty darn cute.


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  3. I Love the box art, bunny dancing shoes and the Daddy exercise/gymnastics. The Sheep blanket needs some help.I was wondering if there was a chalk line around your feet? The homeless shelter is nice too. Are you looking to expand? The apron is so cute and should be appreciated. I will not comment on the tongue kissing, they will be in therapy for years over that one.

  4. We like to dance, DJ Lance, style at our house too. In fact I am singing the song right now because you mentioned it! Go Hazel, Go Hazel! We have instituted the "no kissing on the mouth" rule in years past to stop the spread of germs, but sadly it doesn't work very well when Ari licks the length of your face. But still says "no kiss on mouth, only cheeks!" I guess it's good for their immunity.