Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ok, just one more post this year

 Baby got back!!  I think we have been in Milwaukee too long, Hazel is getting some serious ghetto booty!
 Hazel not only inherited mommy's booty, she also got mommy incessant thirst.  If it's not my Diet Coke (Waawaa as she calls it) it's the bath water. 
 I just love this smile.  Such a happy little guy.
 As you can imagine, I got to mop the floor after this.
 Hazel loves her new tutu skirt almost as much as she loves her Daddy.... almost.
I can't believe what a big girl she has grown into!  I love her unique personality.  One minute she can be playing in the dirt or throwing the ball with Oliver, the next she can put on a tutu and be a princess.  So well rounded, just like her booty.

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  1. They are a couple of Q T's! Just love their smiles. The skirt looks really cute but I'm in love with the tights!