Monday, July 16, 2012

Night at the zoo

A conversation with Oliver at the Zoo:

Me:  Hey Oliver, look at that goat's big tummy, it has a baby inside!
Oliver:  Did it eat it?
Me:  Nope it's just...there.
Oliver:  Do you have a baby in your tummy?
Me:  Gosh I sure hope not.
Oliver:  Do you have a goat in your tummy?
Me:  Quite positive that I don't.  Only goats have baby goats.  Remember when Hazel was in my tummy?
Oliver:  Did she come out of your mouth?
Me:  (Not ready to have this conversation with my 3 yr old)  Uhhhh....she just...came out.  (Making a wide sweeping motion with my hands).  Do you want some ice cream?!
Oliver:  Oooooo ice cream!!

 Miss Hazel's first carousel ride

Fun foot massager...
Not so fun foot massager.


  1. Oh, that was so funny! I love trying to explain "life" to my children. It never works out the way I think it should.

  2. I love the zoo - love your kids so much more!