Monday, April 16, 2012

More from the Lady Lounge

I made this outfit with the intention of it fitting Hazel... this year, not in two from now.  The pattern was for 12-18 months!  Maybe if you had a 35lb baby!
 A Stegosaurus stuffed animal in the works
 I made this one a while back but I haven't posted it yet.  I'm so in love with this dress.  Can't wait for it to fit her next year.
 An apron for me :)
 Nautical dress for the 4th of July.  Need to add some finishing touches and hem the bottom. 
Children's messenger bag made from European Linen and lined with bright yellow flowers.  Wish I had made it adult sized.


  1. Once again, you have been very busy! I love the apron - it is even cuter in person!!

  2. That dress just doesn't work for Oliver. Perhaps you should save it for Hazel. TIC
    Love your work. I especially like the pink dress. Did you draft your own pattern for it?
    You are fast becoming an expert. I am so proud of you.