Friday, April 13, 2012

Here's what's new in my world...

 I was doing dishes this morning and Hazel was at my feet being very well behaved... sort of.  I turned around to wipe my hands and pick her up and realized that she had wiggles her little fingers past the the child proof cupboard and pulled out a Delta Biscotti package.  The then devoured it, plastic and all. 
 She ate right though the packaging!
She was quite pleased with herself as you can see.

 And here is what has been happening in my lady lounge.  My mom brought me a whole suitcase of vintage fabric (circa 1980) so I have been experimenting with clothing making.  I made Hazel this "little old lady party-cardi" as I like to call it. 

...and these pigtails... to die for!
Here is my first attempt at a shirt for me.  Not to shabby.
 I quite like the gathering on the shoulders.  Still need to finish off the sleeves.
...and the neck line... it's round.  How about that!


  1. Nice job and without instructions!!! You ARE amazing!

  2. You're amazing! We need to get together and sew.