Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Oliver!

  I decided to have a little impromptu pizza party for Oliver on his birthday (the real party is in two weeks but I felt bad not having something special on the actual day of his birth).  We had his best friend Drake over for the festivities.  The kids really were having fun regardless of what their little faces look like in the picture.
 Per Oliver's request here is Scruff!!!
 Horrahhh for cookie decorating... and being naked!

....5 lbs of frosting later
 Ya, that's Christmas wrapping paper you see.
 Thomas movie!!!
 A George tractor!!!
This party sucks but the paper isn't too bad.
                                  -Sassy Pants


  1. You really need to get that girl some fiber.

  2. now you know what to give her for her birthday, perhaps a roll of paper.

  3. I love the cookies, sugar cookies are my favorite! But then I never met a cookie I didn't love (or grandbaby!!)