Monday, February 6, 2012

A birthday conversation

I went to wake Oliver up this morning and here is the conversation that we had:

Me:  "Happy Birtrhday Oliver!"
Oliver: "It's my Birthday?  I want Bash Bash and Furry Hands!!!!"  (Translation:  Bash, Dash and Ferdinand.  These are Thomas the Train characters).
Me:  "Ummmm.... I hope you don't get Furry Hands for your Birthday that would be grose.  What else would you like?"  
Oliver:  "Banana pancakes on my plate and Scruff!!!  It my Birthdaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!"
Me:  "Sure thing little man".

Today my little man is 3 and cuter than ever.  I am in love with his quirky little personality.  Every day is a new adventure and a joy.  I love you Oliver! 
(I will post pictures later)


  1. Happy, happy birthday Oliver dear - Happy days will come to you all year, if I had one wish then it would be a happy, happy birthday to you from me!! I love you and can't wait to wish you happy birthday in person next week!!

  2. First thing I have to wake Oliver up? Seriously! It would be nice to not be woken up at 6 am by various creatures. And second, Happy Birthday Oliver! You are getting so old and big! have a Great birthday!!!!

  3. Oh, and third...I love your new blog header!