Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Super Awesome Vacation to Idaho!

We had a wonderful time in Idaho and Utah this last week.  It was so wonderful to see family and for Oli-pop and Miss Hazel to play with their cousins.  We went to the Zoo, Bear World, played in the water, had lots of good food and lots of good fun!  Oliver learned how to jump off of high objects, forgot how to use the toilet (sorry about the poop on the carpet Grandma Tina), and learned some important water gun skills.  Hazel was constantly entertained by Sara and Ella. She was all smiles.  We got to bless Hazel with cousin Roman.  Matt gave her a beautiful heartfelt blessing.  Another high point was seeing my grandparents and sisters who I have not seen in over a year.  Time goes by way too fast!
Hazel's Blessing day
Me and Miss Hazel (aka Sweet Cheeks)
The whole Wheatley clan
 Hazel playing with the big girls
 Anna age 3.5, Oliver 2.5 and Aria 2
 Awesome ride at Bear World
 Feeding Bambi
 Idaho Falls Zoo
 Train at Bear World
 All the cousins at Grandma Tina's house
Papa and Hazel
 Oliver didn't know what to think about water sports
 The family bed
Don't eat me!
 Matt and Billie with the babies
 Our Sunday lounge wear
 Oliver attempting an unwanted hug
 Me and my sister Diane
Devin, Sienna, Hazel and Oliver at my sister Kristine's house.
Oliver was not in the mood for a photo shoot. 
 Great Grandpa and Grandma Pitcher
 Great Grandma and Hazel were instant friends
Matt and I at the Logan Temple.  I'm glad we made time to stop by.  It was such a beautiful day.  I forget how blue the sky is in Utah.


  1. I love the pictures! What fun we had, I think I will sleep for a week!!

  2. what a fun trip! we sure missed you around here. i've been wondering when you were coming home...we should definitely hang out this week.

  3. What great pictures!! I'm glad I found your blog!