Monday, August 29, 2011

I am the queen of bodily fluids

7:30 Get Oliver out of bed and he is soaked from his belly button down to his ankles.  Get him showered and in clean clothes.  Put Curious George on so I can feed Hazel.
7:45  Oliver pees all over the couch
7:47  Lay Hazel on the ground (with out burping her first) to clean up urine soaked couch (Sooooo grateful for leather).  Hazel pukes all over the rug.
7:49  While cleaning up puke Oliver decides to make his way to the bathroom to empty the rest of his bladder (is this child a Camel or what?!), which would be a good thing except he decided to pee standing up.  Now there is pee all over the floor and the front of his second shirt is soaked.  Give him a potty treat anyway.
8:00  Make oat bran cereal... can you guess where Oliver's breakfast ended up?  
8:15  Changing Oliver's oat bran covered clothes.
On the up side we went for a catastrophe free walk followed by a prompt poopie in the big boy potty!
This rack was intended to be decorative.  It has strictly become a drying rack for airing out of bodily fluids *sigh*