Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oliver's 2yr Checkup

So here is the break down:

Height 34"
Weight 27 lbs
Noggin 49"

So he has grown 3 inches and 3 lbs over the last 9 months.  I think I need to start feeding him straight butter to fatten him up!  He's a really good eater but he never stops running so it all get burned off.  Developmentally he is right on track.

Some of his new talents include:
Knowing almost all the letters in the alphabet
Numbers 1-5
Jumping or diving off of furniture (preceded by saying "I falling!" or "Careful")
Repeating just about everything you say (which isn't always a good thing)
Likes to help mommy clean.  The broom is a pretty cool toy.

1 comment:

  1. He is such a little boy now. Why do kids like to clean so much when they are little but not so much when they are older and actually have to help clean? One of life's mysteries!