Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hazel is 20 months!

 Today is Hazel's 20 month birthday!.  It's hard to imagine that in four short months she will be a 2yr old!  Yesterday we took her to the Dr. for her 15 month check up... ahem...just five months behind schedule.  
Here are the stats:
Height:  2' 9.25"  75th percentile
Weight:  25 lbs 1.5 oz  50th percentile
Shopping for goodies in the garden
 I guess at some point the bubba is going to have to go away, but how can I say no to this face... even with mud caked on it.
I am so blessed to have Miss Hazel in my life.  It's strange that I have only had her for 20 months.  It's hard to imagine life without her, I feel like God sent her to me just to put a smile on my face every day.  Seriously, this girl cracks me up!


  1. We love Miss Hazel! If you ever get sick of her you can send her to us, we'd take her in a second!! Happy 20 month birthday!

  2. Happy happy 20th month birthday dear Hazel. She already acts like a two year old. Love her sooo much!!