Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More fun randoms...

 A few weekends back I made a "fortress" in the living room for the kids to play in.  Who knew it would be such a hit.  We spent a good part of the day filling the fortress with pillows and blankets.  Then we had snacks and took pictures.  Such a fun memory.

 Hazel even found her button.
 Now that it's getting hot out, the kids like to spend more time in the basement in the playroom/ lady lounge.  I can't believe Hazel is big enough for a big girl chair and piggy tails!

 She was able to get some time in with her doll house and ponies when Oliver wasn't looking (those are his current favorite toys). 
 We watched Jack the other day.  He was so cute with Hazel.  Their date started out chaperoned but they ended up snuggling on the couch anyway.  Kids.

 Reading time with Daddy.  So grateful my kids have a dad who is involved in their lives.  Something a lot of kids don't have.

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  1. Love the new pictures! Hazel's hair is getting long - love the piggies!!