Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My little Volcano

We took Hazel to church for the first time on Sunday.  I thought I was prepared.  Baby dress ironed...check.  Cute hair bow...check.  Backup outfit in diaper bag for the very likely event of projectile vomiting...uncheck.  About 30 seconds after we sit down and pull her out of her car seat the volcano erupted.  I then had a choice: be a bad mom or a bad Mormon.  I chose the bad Mormon route and drove to Babies R Us to buy her a new dress (the drive home would have been 40 min round trip).  Of course they weren't open so off to K Mart I went.  I tend to learn things the hard way I guess.  Better luck next week.    


  1. Awesome, I probably would have just gone home and left the boys with cab fare! I would have stopped by the sonic on the way home too, for medicinal purposes. Does that make me a bad mom and a bad mormon?

  2. Ditto ditto what Amy said. Even though I would have had to drive past my house from church to get to Sonic.

  3. There is an old saying, "When the ox is in the mire..." (what ever that is). You defiantly get extra points for effort! (I would have gone by Sonic's too)