Monday, May 24, 2010

Pictures from Idaho Falls

The one of many things Idaho and Wisconsin residents have in common... once the weather hits 40 degrees it's time to head for the golf course!  Oliver had to sit this out out.
Oliver loved the new play room!
Playing dress up with cousin Sara.  
What a lovely headband!

Oliver and Grandma Tina
Ella's birthday party at "Disneyland"

Oliver making beautiful music!
We started with the hands but had to switch to the feet after he kept grabbing fistfuls of cement.

This stepping stone was made using Papa Phil's 
marbles from when he was a little boy!

Nothing beats a peanut butter and jam sandwich!
Oliver playing with his cousins Ethan and Reagan.

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  1. I love the pictures from our week together! I made a photo book on, I will send you the link. The stepping stone looks great in the flower bed, even in the snow!