Monday, March 29, 2010

Are you lucky?

Exhibit A

If you asked most people if they consider themselves a lucky person I bet just about every one of them would say no.  Not just no, they would give you a list of examples demonstrating how unlucky they are.  I however am here to say I am a lucky person.  Lucky and blessed.  See exhibit A.  A gold ring and dollar bill.  Both item were retrieved out of the dirt and yuck of spring gardening around my house.  That's right, a gold ring buried in a flowerbed years ago and I was the lucky one who found it.  I even found $100 on the floor of the SLC airport a few years ago.  Having said all of that I would like to point out one thing, none of these little gems would have been found (minus the $100) had I not been hard at work digging in the dirt trying to better myself and my surroundings.  I think it's Gods way of saying "job well done... go buy yourself a Diet Coke". 


  1. I have dug in a lot of dirt in my lifetime but the only thing I find is Matt's army man he used to play with in the sandbox when he was a little boy. I just cover it up again to find another day. It's my treasure and it makes me smile every time I find it as I think about the little boy I knew and still love. Congratulations on your find. It makes me wonder what else is buried there!

  2. I agree with God. Go get yourself a diet coke. And sell that horrid ring. Then you can buy me a diet coke! :)