Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Resolutions

Behold my glorious wheat bread!!

Resolution #1
Part of my New Years resolution is to eat healthier. My initial thought was to ban all refined sugar and processed foods... ya, that thought lasted about five minutes. So as a compromise I'm just going to make a resolution to make more foods from scratch. It's at least one step in the right direction. By the way, yes it was super tasty!

Resolution #2
To keep with tradition I will make resolution to read at least one book a month and at least one classic through out the year. (I'm sure this is humorous to Billie... not all of us are super-mutant readers, gosh!) I have surpassed this goal for the last four years so here is to number five! Cheers!

Resolution #3
Never say "I can't wait until..." For example:
I can't wait until Matt is done with residency
... for Oliver to be sleep through the night
... to get a dishwasher
I want to enjoy all of the little nuances life has to offer and to look at Oliver every morning and say today is going to be a great day. It is so easy to live in the future instead of the now. But I will try to remember that the best present you can give your child is to be present.

Happy New Year!


  1. I do not laugh at other's reading goals. You are the one who inspired me to make my impossible goal for 2009....and I'm thinking about stealing part of your goal for 2010. So there, Missy!

  2. I like your goals! Especially the last one, I need to do that too. Can't wait to see you. Drake misses Oliver and I miss you soooooooo much!