Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm not in Utah any more

My neighbors yard has progressively got worse and worse as the summer has gone on. I'm not talking about a weed here or there, I'm talking about solidly packed weed gardens and knee high grass. Especially over the last two weeks it has really got out of hand. I was beginning to think: perhaps she died/ went out of town/ has been working three shifts a day ect. So today I got the crazy idea to be a good neighbor and go mow her lawn. After about three rows she comes running out of her house waving her arms. I turn off the mower and say "Well hi there, I thought you were on vacation". She then says "Um ya well I'm not" and then she just looks at me (a pretty dirty look) so I then offer to finish mowing so she does not have a three stripe goat trail running through her yard and she basically tells me to get bent. Not sure what to make out of this.

Do I...
A. Write her off as a crazy lady (who probably has a basement full of cats) and pretend the situation never occurred.
B. Go over and apologize for being... nice? Nosy? One who cares what my yard looks like?
C. Put up a 8 ft fence next year. After all good fences make for good neighbors.

Your thoughts please.


  1. I mow our neighbor's lawn. He caught me once, but he wasn't mad. I think he was embarrased that this girl was mowing his lawn. I felt bad for him, though, because his wife was 9 months pregnant and he worked insane hours. But, I vote for "c." Good fences make good neighbors.

  2. 1. Wait till she leaves then mow a checkerboard design in her lawn.
    2. Buy a goat for her.
    3. Put up a sign in HER yard, "FOR SALE"
    4. Mow one strip a day. Maybe she won't notice.
    5. Apologize. Tell her you have an overpowering desire to randomly mow lawns.

  3. I like the goat idea. Perhaps rationalizing is out of the question. I think its a city ordinance in most places to take care of you lawn.. You could consider reporting her and then let the city take care of. I think that most cities don't enforce it, but I might be worth looking into. Otherwise you need a good fence and a goat!

    Hope all is well!

  4. OMG! This is the funniest thing I have ever heard!!! I'd go with option number 3! FOR SALE! Love the site, by the way!